Terrapin Moon Ohio's Premier Grateful Dead Tribute Band



Charlie Roark
Guitar, lead & backing vocals
Charlie is a self taught musician. He has played guitar for about 35 yrs., but spent 12 yrs. as a drummer in an original rock band called Six Cents. A native of the Springfield Ohio area, he was exposed to live music at the age of 8, by a musician that was a family friend (Steve Eldridge), a drummer for several local garage bands in the mid-sixties. Spending much of his adolesent yrs. going to as many rock concerts as possible, he developed a variety of influences. Starting a family in his early 20’s, he put playing music on hold until the late 80’s when Six Cents was formed. Having no drummer, Charlie decided to give it a try. With a fair amount of success learning the drums, the band went on to write many tunes & recorded 3 albums. After being enlightened by a close friend, he began to listen to the Grateful Dead, whereupon he became quite obsessed. Charlie spent the yrs. between 1988 & 1995 taking in as many shows as was financially possible until the death of Jerry Garcia in ’95. This was an extremely depressing time, as it was for many Deadheads. To get through it, he turned to playing the music of the Dead on his guitar, leading to the formation of what would become Terrapin Moon. Now, as a grandfather, he hopes to pass the tradition on to the 3rd generation of his family through the performance of the uncountable numbers of songs in the GD’s vault. 
Bill Kurzenberger 
Keyboards/organ, vocals, harmonica
A native of Cleveland, Bill took piano lessons at an early age and learned to play guitar in high school.  He saw the Grateful Dead perform live nine times from 1993 to 1995, and many more performances of the Other Ones, the Dead, Furthur, and Dead & Company.  Bill has been performing the Dead’s music ever since joining his first bands in the early 90’s.  Before joining Terrapin Moon in 2008, Bill played keyboards in ten Ohio-based bands including Skeleton Crew, John Mullins Band and Grasshopper Pie.  His keyboards add to the musical tension and dynamics, with enthusiastic vocals reminiscent of Brent Mydland and Pigpen.  Bill also performs as a solo artist, and has released three albums of his original material.
Trevor Edge

Guitar & vocals


Dead Tom

Bass Guitar
Tom says “I’m not dead yet!”


Tyler Smith